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With more than 1.3 million residents and hundreds of companies calling Dallas home, commuters can pay the price for growth in Texas’ third-largest city by population.

But despite what traffic looks like, just over 73,000 Dallasites commuted an hour and a half or more to work in 2016, according to Apartment List, an online apartment listing service company.

That’s only 2.2 percent of all commuters in Dallas, ranking the city No. 38 out of 100 U.S. metros for super commuters.

For comparison, 10 percent of commuters — the highest of U.S. cities — in Stockton, California, drive 90 minutes or more, and in New York the rate is about 6.7 percent. Click through the gallery above to see the top 10 cities with the highest share of super commuters in 2016.

Interestingly, Dallas’ share of super commuters hasn’t jumped too much since 2005, despite a boom North Texas’ population.

In 2005, almost 48,000 people traveled more than 90 minutes to work. That’s a roughly 53-percent increase to 73,000 in 2016. Yet in 2005, the share of super commuters was only about 1.8 percent. This could mean that residents are able to find housing within their budget near their workplace.

Overall, the study found that super commuters are more likely to rely on public transportation than those with shorter commutes — and low-income commuters are more reliant on public transportation than high-income commuters.

Although Dallas has a small percentage of commuters who drive 90 minutes or more to work, other Texas cities have an even smaller share:

San Antonio: 2.2 percent or 23,034 commuters.Austin: 2.1 percent or 21,289 commuters.El Paso: 1.8 percent or 6,328 commuters.McAllen: 1.5 percent or 4,537 commuters.

The Big D did beat out Houston, which had more than 77,000 super commuters in 2016, or roughly 2.6 percent of all commuters.

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